Link: The Great Smut Debate: Point of View

Great article by the folks at The Smut Debate about all the POV categories in romance. I like being in the heroine’s head as opposed to the hero’s, but knowing some of what’s going on in his mind is fine with me as well.

What say you?

The Smut Report

When we were coming up with examples of definite romance novels, it was relatively easy to find examples written in both first and third person, as well as single and multiple perspectives. However, when it came time for us to talk about gray area books—books that had many hallmarks for the romance genre but sometimes had readers sardonically raising their brows—we struggled to name any that weren’t single-perspective, first-person POV.

This raises the question: How does POV contribute to whether or not something feels like a romance?

What does point of view do?

Let’s start with some terminology. Point of view is the perspective from which a story is told. First person is narrated from inside a person’s head; a book where the narrator says things like “I walked into the bar” is a first-person narrative. Third person refers to the main characters as he/she/they, as appropriate: “she walked into…

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