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Hello, Fans of Old-School Romance Novels!

I’m so excited to announce that I will soon release my first book, a retro-styled historical romance, The Savage Noble. I hope readers will find the turbulent love story between Justin and Linnet set in Regency-era England as enthralling as I have while writing it!

One caveat I must give regarding these novels: my historical romances aren’t catered to every reader’s tastes. I do not write them with modern sensibilities.

I grew up loving the epic romances written from the 1970s to the mid-1980s, devouring every book I could get my hands on. So many authors influenced me, from Jude Deveraux to Johanna Lindsey to Rebecca Brandewyne to Valerie Sherwood to Rosemary Rogers to the vast stable of writers of the Zebra historical lines.

Look Out For Jacqueline Diaz Romances

It is my deepest hope that book lovers can enjoy a purely fictional story for escapist thrills.

Readers, I welcome you to give one of my novels a try. One promise I can make is that the plots will never bore you! After The Savage Noble, my following novel will be What She Says with Her Eyes, set in France during the reign of Louis XIV, about a calculating French widow on the prowl for a new husband and an ascetic English swordsman who is more than what he seems. I hope to release this book in the Spring of 2023.

There is a vast untapped market for readers hungry for something different yet a little retro.  For those romance fans intrigued by that writing style, I promise to always keep my novels thrilling, sexy, and wildly unpredictable.

Thank you, and happy reading!

-Jacqueline Diaz

Let’s Talk!

I’d love to hear from all my readers, detractors–and fans.

I will keep you posted with updates, and if you contact me, I’ll always try my get back as quickly as possible (although my current health issues might delay my responses by a few days or so). You can reach me at: 


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