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When not writing, reading, or living life, I try to blog about my other interests.

Jacqueline Diaz (This Is Not a Romance) Blog

You can find such scintillating facts about me like the following:

I’m a life-long Long Islander, but I own no boat and am a horrible swimmer. I can do a decent doggie-paddle and back float, but that’s about it. Thank the good Lord I’m fat, so I am rather buoyant.

I adore cats; currently, I am owned by five of them, although that count fluctuates year to year as my family members are suckers for homeless cats.

I unapologetically and unironically love the Star Wars Prequels and all media related to them.

I never met a comma I didn’t love and I have secret fling going on with semi-colons. Adjectives and adverbs were created for a purpose. I use them copiously to pepper my purple prose writing.

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